Your personal or company vehicles, semi tractor, motor homes, boats, mobile office trailer, portable storage containers.

State of the art mobile security system. A complete fully functioning, secure mobile office evidence collection system, driver/employee monitor, or surveillance system.

VIS Black Box

Mobile Security System - Video RecorderMobile Security System - CameraMobile Security System - Playback Analysis Software

This is a basic system that will record video and audio for playback or evidence purposes. Protect your most important possessions, personal or company vehicles and their cargo (especially loved ones). Know how your vehicle is being driven, who keyed your vehicle or who hit it in the parking lot. Provides incriminating evidence against vandals, burglars, carjackers, sexual predators, unprofessional-ism, undeserved tickets, wrongful blame in accidents, etc...

VIS Black Box GPS

Vehicle Surveillance - Video RecordersVehicle Surveillance - CamerasGPS Tracking

VIS GPS Black Box performs all of the basic unit functions and allows the unit to record vehicle speed as well as longitude and latitude. When used with the IA module, you can track the vehicle from your home, office, or mobile computer. Know the location of your property. If they steal it you can track it. We can program the unit to sound an audible alarm when the driver exceeds a selected speed of 75 mph, and turn off when the speed is reduced. However, if the driver exceeds 80 mph, an administrator must reset the alarm.

VIS Black Box AI

Vehicle Security System - RecorderMobile Security System - CameraMobile Security System - Live streaming with internet access module

VIS Black Box IA performs all of the basic unit functions and allows the unit to be accessed from your home, office, or mobile computer. IA module also allows the unit to send pre and post alarm video clips to your email if triggered by the vehicles alarm or panic button. Preserve your evidence, even if the vehicle is stolen, your video evidence is in your email. In conjunction with the GPS module, track or locate the vehicle. Using this option in conjunction the inertia sensor, the unit can notify you and send video clips of vehicle impacts.

VIS Black Box XR

Vehicle Security System RecorderVehicle Security CameraExtended Recording - Vehicle Surveillance System

VIS Black Box XR performs all of the basic unit functions plus allows the unit to record for extended periods of time. The vehicle is fitted with additional batteries and or solar panels. Record twenty four hours a day, that’s security and peace of mind.

VIS Black Box MC

VIS Black Box MO performs all of the basic unit functions and includes a separate on-board computer with optional printer or other peripheral. This is a full feature computer, capable of running your personal life or your business. This mobile office version can communicate with your home or office computers with full Internet access for uploads or downloads of data, pictures, movies, music, etc. via IA module or WIFI module. The mobile computer can synchronize files and print to your home or business computer. The MO version in conjunction with engine management software enables your mechanic to diagnose engine problems from around the world.

VIS Black Box CC

Vehicle Surveillance - Computer Data RecorderVehicle Surveillance  -  Cameras

Vehicle Surveillance custom configured

VIS Black Box CC performs all of the functions of the basic unit plus any or all of the features in any other VIS Black Box version or upgrade. We custom configure a system to meet all your needs, networking, hardware or software. Current computer technology is the only limitation.

VIS Black Box - Upgrades

Inertia module
(logs impacts & rough driving).
Vehicles engine management interface
(allows remote diagnostics of vehicles ECU).
Infrared cameras
(night vision).
Pan tilt zoom Cameras
(remote surveillance for Private Investigations or monitoring job-sites).
WIFI (wireless Internet for laptops, etc. within range of the vehicle with secure encryption code).
GPS tracking software
(remotely view and map the street, speed, direction, etc.).
Tattle Tale wiring
(enables black box to record longitude & latitude, speed, audio).
Remote audio recording
(wireless microphone on person within range of the vehicle).
Monitoring services.
Remote control panel.
On-board monitors.