Protect it with VIS Black Box

Vehicle Security System, live & recorded video and audio with GPS Tracking
Monitor your loved ones well-being, with state of the art technology. Alarm or panic button triggers, prompt the unit to transmit evidence to a secure email server. Additionally, it can send notification to your cell phone or PDA.

GPS tracking system for your personal car or entire fleet of trucks
Know where your personal or business interests are literally.


GPS tracking, video recording and transmitting system
Records to the VIS Black Box while you view or track from your home or office.


Employee & Company vehicle monitoring system
Know what is transpiring in and around your vehicles in transit.


Jobsite progress and monitoring system
Spend less time visiting jobsites with better documentation. Have video records for: jobsite progress, standards verification as well as employee behavior and theft. Protect your business from fraudulent claims, or contradicting testimonies and statements.

Mobile Security SystemVehicle Surveillance & Monitoring Services
With high definition cameras and pan tilt zoom function, you can zero in and collect the evidence from your vehicle or office. Cameras can be mounted on any vehicle, office trailer, storage container, boat, etc.